How to choose the engagement party venue?

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Once you get engaged, you want to share the news with the relatives and friends and like to celebrate the happiness in a grand manner. Holding an engagement party to declare an engagement is not anything new. Engagement parties can be hosted either at a family residence or at venue. The engagement venue need to be able to cater to the amount of people you want to invite to your party.


The number of people you like to invite for the party will be major factor when deciding the engagement venue. If there are large numbers of people to be called up on, the venue needs to be able to hold the guests comfortable, you want a pick a venue that can hold at least 250 guest, you may think 250 is a lot of people, but you and your partner may have 50 friends between you and a large majority of them could have partners, you then add your family and their partners, family friends, work friends, parents friend and the numbers add up very quickly.

You can look online and check out the different Melbourne engagement venues that are perfect for conducting an engagement party.


You want to be clear regarding how much cash you wish to spend on the engagement party. Weddings are costly; hence choosing an engagement venue on an affordable budget is the way to go. You can write down your favourite venue choices for when you are planning the wedding party.

Food and drink:

Choose a venue that can provide and serve both alcoholic catering and good food to the guests. You can make a phone call to the several venues and check about the menu options and rate quotations.


Ensure to choose a venue that is close to your residence and convenient for the guests. No one likes to travel across town knowing they are going to be having a big night, the further you travel, the more expensive the cab rides home.

Visit personally:

It is essential to take a visit to the venues you are planning to choose, you can talk about the different things you need to have as well as how will the arrangement be done etc. You can also check about different add-ons that the engagement party venue can provide to you. There are plenty of engagement party venues available in Melbourne, it is important to choose a best one to make the party grand and memorable.

Classy Vintage Bikes Rock!

Lucky are those people, who have kept their vintage bikes in a good condition. Some people have a strong bond with their bikes, so they will not sell them, regardless of the huge money that they can get. These days, many people search for old-style bikes in prime condition. They may find them through personal sellers, or online stores that provide classic-style bicycles in good prices. Personal sellers can sell vintage bicycles at very good prices, because there are antique collectors who are ready to spend lots of money for those bikes.

Apart from such condition, vintage style bikes are now becoming the latest trend for many bikers. They prefer to hunt for new bikes with classic looks, because they may cost lower than antique bikes. Fortunately, there are lots of choices of old-style bicycles, along with free service and warranty features.

As there are so many choices of classic bicycles, buyers should make a comprehensive comparison among various products. It is always recommended to buy the one from reputable manufacturers. They always boast lightweight frame – which is mostly from aluminium – for a good and light ride. High quality bicycles always require less maintenance, as they apply 3-speed hub that allows easier shifting.

Old or New Vintage Bike?

Classic bikes are available in various styles. Some of them are the ones that old-school girls used, or there are also the ones that grannies were fond of. However, young males still adore the classic line bike that teens used as the road bicycle. They are all made of new and high quality materials, so buyers do not need to worry about their longevity. They might only look like old bikes, but they offer convenient riding. This is especially the ones from reputable manufacturers.

However, there are also some choices of used classic bikes. They are still on their good condition, though there might be some parts which are replaced. Some of those old bikes still maintain their original painting, though other direct sellers may re-paint those bikes before selling them. Owners of classic bikes know for sure that well-maintained original painting can enhance the value of the bikes.

Finding direct sellers that sell high quality vintage bikes can be somewhat challenging. This is because, buyers may not be able to see the condition of the bike directly. So, it is important to make sure that buyers get used bikes from some online stores, that guarantee good products from trustworthy sellers.